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Now your reading spectacles are always where you need them!

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People aged 40 and above take time to look for their reading glasses, and because 100% of the population is or will be Presbyopic. For these people See Up "Stick" Specs are the answer.


See-Up Stick Spectacles are designed to ensure you can always find your reading spectacles. They are designed to live attached to their slip in stand or base, located near to your telephone book, recipe book or similar, so they are always available.


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See Up "Stick" Specs come with a standard +2.50 reading lens that can be used by either right or left handed people. This is often adequate for quickly reading a recipe or similar task. By increasing the distance from the eye that you hold the See Up "Stick" spectacles the lens power increases for more demanding tasks. Conversely, bringing the See Up "Stick" Specs closer to the eye the lens power effectively reduces giving your a longer focussing range.

If you have a more complicated Reading Spectacle prescription, See Up "Stick" Specs can be glazed with your own spectacle prescription requirments by your optician or optometrist

The See Up "Stick" Specs frame is made from recyclable plastic and comes in a variety of colours and finishes to match your decor and mood. They range from Easy to find fluoresent Pink through more subtle tactile "rubberised finishes to the more elegant metallic finishes.

In France See Up "Stick" Specs are common-place in situations where people need to read or fill in forms for example (eg banks, restaurants, local government offices... etc.)

See Up "Stick" Specs are an indispensable tool in the kitchen, the office, or near the telephone, for reading a recipe, an article, an email, or for making a note.

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